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Customer Service
To make an enquiry about an order placed please follow the following steps:

To help us help you, please include the following information

1. Your Order Number Preferably in the subject line

2. Include details of your enquiry.


Please note the following for Valentines Day 2014:

1. We cannot give out details of an order to anyone other than the person who placed it. this includes providing a name of the sender.

2. If your order is placed and on route for delivery, calling us will not make it arrive quicker. This is especially true on Valentines Day, so please be patient and watch for an Order Update email. As soon as we know anything about your order it will be updated by email directly to your inbox.

During busy times like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas Week and Easter, we would suggest that the fastest way of getting feedback is by using email.

If you need to call, please feel free to call us on 01 217 6100 but be aware that we will be extremely busy from the 7th - 14th of February and we may not be able to answer your query there and then. The reason for this is that all our efforts will be focused on delivering our service to our customers and the most efficient way of doing this is via email.

Thanks for your understanding and your business.

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