5 Reasons Why

Bouquets that are simply unbeatable

That's what our customers keep telling us and we look forward to you saying the same thing. Checkout our customer testimonials to get a flavour of what our beloved customers think of our amazing bouquets.

Our Flowers are the Freshest

We have 5 trucks a week coming directly to our door from our partners in Holland. We don't buy of Dutch trucks who drive around and around until they sell their flowers. Our team of buyers carefully select the best flowers every morning at the Dutch auctions which allows us to buy the very best quality flowers for you to enjoy.

We are a family business

Emotion, Sentiment and expressing your feelings tend are very important to our customers because most of the time you send flowers to mark a special occasion or event which is very important to you. It is important to us that we take every single order as seriously as the next so as to ensure you we get to express the right message with your flowers to your recipient. Rest assured your order is in the safest hands with Mum watching over ever order that we make.

We don't take chunks of cash from your order

We aren't like some of the big international florist networks who take huge chunks of your cash out of the transaction along the way. We are completely different in that we can deliver flowers ourselves to any corner of Ireland with Next Day Flower Deliveryy. If you do what flowers delivered Same Day, that's fine as well. we deliver all bouquets in the Greater Dublin area ourselves which covers over 1.5 million people and we use our network of florists in the rest of the country to look after our other Irish Same Day delivery orders.


Customer Service that actually do care

We are available 6 days a week for a chat or by email. Don't be shy, if you have question email us or call us. We don't hide behind web chat or call answering services, your no more than 1 person away from the owner of the company. Our friendly customer service team will help you along the way and if you want they can take an order over the phone or set up account for you.