7 Ways to reminder your man

7 Ways to reminder your man

Only 4 hinting Days left!

Sometimes men need reminding that ladies like to be spoilt! However ladies like to be subtle when giving little hints. They don’t want their man to buy something just because he was told to, they want him to organise the surprise all by himself with just a little gentle persuasion.
At Flowers Made Easy we want to help you give that special gent in your life, a little nudge this Valentine’s Day!

The Direct Approach

If subtly isn’t one of your man’s strong suits then sometimes you just have to take the direct approach. Click here to send him a HINT

A friendly suggestion

Your sipping coffee at the kitchen table with your friends. When he walks into the room, start chatting about how much you love RED ROSES from Flowers Made Easy.
Keep it simple.  Don’t confuse the situation by discussing other types of flowers, it will get lost in translation.

Circle the Calendar

Maybe your man has a hectic life, days go by without him even knowing what day it is. Maybe all he needs is just a simple sign! Why not draw a red heart around the 14th.

A picture tells a thousand words

Click here and print this beautiful collage of our red roses. Why not leave it lying around your house, hopefully this will help him get the message of what you would LOVE this Valentine’s Day!

Simply Empty

Sometimes the simplest hints work best! An empty vase on the kitchen table may remind him that it needs refilling with some beautiful red roses.

The Honeymoon Period

Remind him of the good old days! How much you loved your very first Valentine’s Day together. How long your Flowers Made Easy roses lasted for and how you both devoured the box of chocies! Maybe he just might like to recreate that special day!

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