A Budget like no other

I just thought I would express my feelings about today’s budget simply because there is nothing else going through my head today.

For those of you outside of Ireland who are no too familiar with the Irish Political System and the economy…..

In short, we had an over inflated “feel good” economy for the last few years, based on overvalued land and property values.

So what happened, it didn’t feel good anymore. Property prices, naturally dropped and lots of people with big assets lost millions of value from where the assests had originally be valued at. This caused a chain reaction, which resulted in less property being built, which meant the loss of jobs which resulted in more people with much less money which in turn effected the whole economy.

The final macro effect of this ongoing problem, was that because we were spending less the government was receiving less in tax.

Now in April, we are hoping our government will try in someway to introduce confidence into the economy.

What will they do?

I have no idea but I hope they create incentives for employers to employ and more incentives for people out of work to get out their and work.

Back to flowers tomorrow… lots to talk about!

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