All New site goes live

All New site goes live

10 years of thinking, 2 years of building and now we finally have our all new website live.

We are really excited about what this will bring to our customers. It’s 1m times better than our old site, but you probably already know that.

Yes that all sounds like simple stuff but to get it right took us a little longer than expected. But its don’t know.

So what will it do:

  • It works on mobile.
  • It allows you choose a click and collect date
  • It improves the layout of our products and their images.
  • It allows you choose a delivery date
  • You can now pay with Paypal
  • It links to our blog which means you will see more content here in the future.

It also allows us to do so much more behind the scenes for our customers with lots of exciting new features coming over the coming months.

We have a few days of cleaning up to do on the site in general with some broken links and some new fresh contents. If you see or find anything that doesn’t quite work, please let us know.

Thanks for sticking with the old site and us for so long. We hope this new site improves things for you all significantly.

We are Flowers Made Easy, leading florist based in Dublin, Ireland. Interested in sharing and discussing all things flowers online with anyone who will listen. Have a question. Ask away

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