Apologies for my Absence

So what is my excuse??

Well the good news is we now have a dedicated server in place and we hope to be migrating the Flowers Made Easy site across later today or tomorrow at the latest. Our site has encountered a huge increase in traffic so we have had to upgrade our servers to cope with the extra demand. Good news both for Flowers Made Easy and for our customers who will now have a much faster shopping experience.

What Else?

Well loads of positive things to be honest. Most of which I can’t talk about at the moment.

Valentines Day was a seriously positive expereince for us again this year with no complaints which we are extremely proud of. Our roses were exceptional and lasted weeks!

Mother’s Day is now 10 days away so we are busy working away on putting together a stellar performance for what is probably our busiest weekend of the year. We are really looking forward to it and we hope to see your Mum on Sunday March 22nd with one of are unbelieveable bouquets of flowers.

Lots more to following including the Mothers Day Blog Comp! Hugely successfull last year with a massive entry pool. So start thinking about a story about your beloved Mum.

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