Baby Flowers

Baby Flowers

It’s well and truly Baby season!

We have bouquets of flowers being delivered to celebrate the arrival of new babies every day of the week. Because of that we have designed a range of gifts and presents to mark the birth of a new baby. Our Baby Gifts and Baby Flowers for delivery in Ireland can be found here:

We have been in out of the hospitals in Dublin city over the last few weeks more than we have ever before which is a sure sign that he baby boom is well and truly underway in Ireland again. We deliver flowers to all Hospitals in Dublin, the likes of  Holles Street Hospital, St Vincents Hospital, the Adelaide & Meath Hospital, Tallaght, the Rotunda Hospital, the Beacon Hospital, Beaumount Hospital, The Mater Hospital, The Coombe Hospital and many more.

– (Sidenote ramblings – Maybe we could do the “Florist Report” like the ~Daft Report- analysising the economics of the country based on purchases of flowers online florist website – “We see a dramatic increase in births in Ireland in the Q1 of 2010”  We could release this information before the true figures and provided by the government or the census marking new births in Ireland. – Maybe something we could look into )

Anyway, back to flower delivery for new babies.

We can deliver Bouquets of Flowers, Baskets of Flowers in Pink or Blue, Teddy Bears for a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl, Chocolates from the wonderful Lily of Briens, Champagne, Sparking from Jacobs Creek as well as much much more.

So whether it’s a new baby boy or a new bay girl, we’ve got it covered.

To order flowers for a new baby check our New Baby Flowers section here:

What is the best to send?

Flowers are a favourite

Do Hospitals accept flowers in Ireland? Yes most hospitals do. We find that the main area of health care who do not accept flowers is in ICU departments within hospitals.

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