Flowers Made Easy meets Face 2 FaceBook

We are live! If you are a Facebook user check out our new Facebook Application – Virtual Flowers. It allows you to send virtual flowers or real flowers through facebook to all your friends and loved ones. Spread the Love! Send some blooming fantastic blossoms on facebook with Flowers Made…

The Google Story

By David A Vise I am currently in Australia doing some Research for our next big plan. I have just finished reading the Google Story which to start with is fairly boring. I had nearly given up on it altogether but decided to give it one more go and I…

Next Stop Ebay

We are planning on putting together an ebay flower shop to allow ebay users send flowers anywhere in the world. We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has any comments on what they think of the idea.
Pain in my facebook

Pain in my facebook

Having Launched this blog this moring, I spent the rest of the day trying to get to get my “Social Flowers Made Easy “Application launched. Unfortunately, I am still no closer than I was this moring. I will keep trying over the weekend and hopefully by next week sometime I…