Combining a former life of GIS and Imagery with Flowers

My background career wise – although full of flowers through the family business was in the GIS ans Satelite Imagery business for several years. A lot of people often joke about how “Flowers Made Easy” was the natural progression everyone expected of me. The “obvious choice” having completed several years in University studying silt, soils climatology and mapping, was going to be flowers.

 Ironically, this afternoon I found a link.

We use a lot of technology to improve the efficiencies of our business, we use Tom Tom GPS systems in our fleet of delivery vans, we use Google Earth and other online web GIS products to identify tricky addresses before we hit the road, but today we have taken that link a step further. An boring as it sounds, I think this is super stuff.

 You can now search in Google Earth and Google Maps and find the locations of our Flowers Made Easy premesis.

 Simply search for “business” and enter “Flowers Made Easy, Dublin” and you will find us.

 So now we can give people directions the easy way!

 Flowers Made Easy HQ, Sandyford, Dublin Ireland

Above is the location of Flowers Made Easy HQ, in Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.

Flowers Made Easy, Nutgrove, GIS, GPS, Imagery, ESRI, DigitalGlobe, Location

This is the location of Flowers Made Easy, Nutgrove, Dublin 14.

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