Dublin City Centre Flower Delivery

If you see one of our vans around Dublin City Centre next week delivering flowers, be sure to ask for for some chocolates. We decided (all the florists that is!) that we would send chocolates into the City Centre for our customers and fans. All our drivers will be stocked up with chocolates for those of you who say “You shouldn’t have” or “Are they for me?”. It’s funny but every girl in Dublin City Centre seems to do it every year. Especially around Grand Canal St, Ballsbridge, Lesson Street, Donnybrook and most definitely in the IFSC at lunch time when we were delivering las year. We thought this year we would stock up on chocolates so that we can say, “yes these chocolates are you”. Instead of no, sorry, not this time, maybe later. 

So hopefully you will see our Flowers Made Easy delivery vans in the Dublin City, Dublin 1, Dublin 2 , Dublin 4 area next week delivering flowers to some very special ladies.

The Floristry Team

Flowers Made Easy

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