Eileen visits the Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Eileen visits the Chelsea Flower Show 2011

This year one of our amazing florists, Eileen Gavin, visited the Chelsea Flower Show on Tuesday 24th May. Eileen visits the Chelsea Flower Show every year and would not miss it for the world.

Eileen planned the trip to the Chelsea Flower Show with her sister and her sister in law and they had all arranged to meet Eileen’s son, Neil, at the flower show. However, this year due to a volcanic eruption, Eileen made the trip to Chelsea by herself and met her son Neil as planned. Eileen describes the very moment she entered the show; “The atmosphere was amazing, everybody was admiring the beautiful flowers”.  “All you could see was garden after garden after garden. You could have spent an entire week there trying to see everything,” explained Eileen.

One of Eileen’s favourite gardens was a beautiful  Japanese garden, pictured below. “Oriental style gardens always look beautiful and this garden was one of the best I have ever seen,” explained Eileen.

Chelsea Flower Show Japanese Garden 2011

Another of Eileen’s favourite gardens was the Monaco Garden which illustrated the architecture and landscape of Monaco. This garden showed how landscape and architecture can work together to look beautiful and be environmentally sustainable. There was a  pool at the end of the garden which was naturally filtered and collected water from the rooftops. “There was also a balustrade surrounding the pool which gave a perfect finishing touch to a beautiful garden,” added Eileen.


Eileens favourite moment was when her nephew, who is Irish garden designer and TV personality, Diarmuid Gavin won the Gold Medal for his “Irish Sky Garden”. Diarmuid’s garden was the largest the Chelsea Flower Show had ever seen and the garden was “astonishing, simply astonishing” said Eileen. The theme of the garden was to delight in the concept of outdoor entertainment and fantasy. “Diarmuid’s garden had a contemporary feel to it whilst exciting each visitor to the garden,” says Eileen. There was a floating pathway which swung through the garden back and forth leading each visitor throughout the entire garden. There was also about thirty circular pools throughout the garden which reflected all that was happening in the sky.

The following are several pictures of Diarmuid’s breathtaking garden:

A view from inside the garden.

The notorious Irish flag.

The overall winner was  “The Daily Telegraph’s” garden. However, Eileen firmly believes that Diarmuid should have been awarded this prize for his breathtaking garden.

Eileen’s favourite flowers on the day were the Peony Rose and the Orchid. “There were so many beautiful flowers at Chelsea but the Orchids were breathtaking, there were just so many different colours and they all looked so beautiful,” says Eileen.



Another one of Eileens favourite flowers from the day was the Hosta seen below. The Hosta won a silver medal and was very close to winning gold. Eileen admired the Hosta as she has attempted to grow the flower many times in her own garden, “they get attacked and killed by slugs every time,” admits Eileen. She truly appreciated the effort that was put into making the Hosta look so beautiful. Eileen would strongly recommend that everyone visits the Chelsea Flower Show at some stage and cannot wait to make the trip next year again.

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