Feng Shui Your Home

Feng shui is the Chinese art of aesthetics which studies the laws of astronomy and geography. It is an art that has been used for centuries in China. The art is specific to individuals relating to their star sign, this is the reason so many Chinese, when decorating their house for Feng Shui, consult a  Feng Shui professional.

Feng shui literally translates into “Wind-Water” meaning these elements have an impact on our everyday life that contribute to our everyday “Qi” / chi. Qi is a movable positive or negative force in our life that has a dramatic effect on Feng Shui. Once your house has been designed in accordance with Feng Shui the theory is that all the positive energy in your house can move around freely.

We have selected a few tips to aid in Feng Shui’ing your house:

You should not have your feet pointing out of the door of your bedroom, as this leads to all your positive energy flowing down your legs and straight out of the door.

Toilet lids should be left down when not in use. If the lid is left up all positive Qi in the room goes down the toilet.

You can capture all the positive Qi that is trying to escape down the toilet by placing flowers on top of your toilet.

Place plants and flowers around your house. Most flowers and plants bring luck to your environment. When placed in the east, southeast and south corners of your office, plants and flowers can bring a positive change to your career.

Make sure you throw out dead flowers as soon as they are dead as they can bring misfortune.

Place a glass of water in the north of your house.

Trim plants and trees surrounding your house as this trimming makes it easier for Qi to flow around.




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