Flowers Made Easy Photowalk

Flowers Made Easy Photowalk

On Satuday 25 curious photographers from made their way to the Flowers Made Easy headquarters to get away from the rainy grey weather right into our facility in Sandyford with a wide range of colourful flowers, bouquets and arrangements. There was a range of nationalities among the photographers adding to the varying techniques used to capture a great photo. Armed with their cameras, tripods and flashes they took the opportunity to capture some glorious colours with their lenses and you could see them shooting for all one’s worth for around three hours to get the most of the flowers. Our youngest visitor was just 10 years old but with two years experience in photography you could see how professional and creative he already was. The young photographer was a confident fellow who had no fear mixing with his elder colleagues, he was constantly setting up new shots and he will surely make a great photographer very soon. Click here to see our short video of the amazing day.

Especially the arrangements for the upcoming Valentine’s Day of red roses was popular while in the fridge with just five degrees a huge variety of bunches of red roses, sunflowers, oriental lilies or purple veronica in superb colours were used as models. Also on display was a “one hundred red roses” bouquet which caught everyone’s attention and sparked much conversation.

We, at, also took the opportunity to photograph some of the photographers while they were setting up their perfect photo.

The amazing photos that were captured by the photographers can be seen here on and here on We would also like to congratulate Bernard Dunne who was awarded picture of the day on for his picture entitled “Here comes the Sun” captured during flowersmadeeasy’s photowalk.

We would like to thank all the photographers involved who made the day a great success!!

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