FlowersMadeEasy.TV, a new way to send a Mother’s Day video message

FlowersMadeEasy.TV, a new way to send a Mother’s Day video message

Over the last several years we, at Flowers Made Easy, have been experiencing a growing number of Mother’s Day orders coming from abroad. This year  more and more orders are coming from more unusual places than ever before, proving that the Irish are trekking further across the globe than ever.

We have been analysing our Mother’s Day orders for several years and with the increase in international orders coming  from overseas we decided to trial video messaging, to add that extra special something for your Mum. We randomly selected a group of customers from across the world, from Australia, Taiwan, the USA and more,  and asked them to send us a video message they would like to accompany their Mother’s Day bouquet. This we feel would help spread the love this Mother’s Day and make mum’s around Ireland extremely happy as they get a personalised video message from their son/daughter who they dearly miss.

It’s really simple. Our beta testing customers can upload a video message when they are in the shopping cart process on our website.  The video message is uploaded onto our new TV website, . The message is then downloaded onto a special USB key which we then add into the bouquet of flowers. All mum has to do is put the USB stick into her computer and she can watch the message from her son or daughter whilst enjoying our amazing flowers.

We devote a lot of our time to the next generation of flower deliveries. We are always working on different projects which will allow us to produce the next big thing in the flower business.

We tend not to focus on the now but more on the tomorrow. We have a saying here at ; “Always bet on the future.” We have just launched, where the video message will be hosted, additionally you will be able to see the videos we have created to date, including “How To” videos and trailers.

To help us test the new system, we are inviting you to upload a message for your Mother this Mother’s Day.

It’s Easy –

  1. Capture a Video
  2. Go to
  3. Register for the site / then login
  4. Post your message
  5. Send the link to your mum!

Go ahead and upload a video message for your Mum here. All video Messages will be entered into our amazing competition to win an incredible prize of flowers, chocolates, bubbly & a mini break in brookLodge Hotel and Wells Spa.

Competition Details can be found here:

You can post your Mother’s Day message to your Mum here:

Check out a Mother’s Day message sent to us from Taiwan:


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