How to Create Potpourri

In one of our latest Blogs we showed how to make your flowers last longer. I hope you find these tips helpful and you can now enjoy your flowers a little longer. However, the day will come and your flowers will start to fade. But that is no reason to throw them into the bin. What about making Potpourri with them? It looks nice, smells lovely and is so easy to prepare. I’ll show you with a few little steps how to make a beautiful bowl of potpourri that delicately fragrances your house.

Potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers and other ingredients, such as herbs and fragrance oil. You can place it in a bowl in your living room to allow the aroma to spread out into your house or put into a sachet to set it in your wardrobe, pillow or purse to enjoy the fragrance on your clothes, while you sleep or in everyday life.

First of all you will choose your ingredients. All you need is the bunch of flowers that are not nice to look at anymore. You can also ask a florist for flowers they don’t sell anymore or take flowers from meadows and fields. All types of flowers can be used to create a nice potpourri. The most suitable flowers are roses, carnations, hibiscus, lavender or violets because they are easy to dry. Off course you can use any other flowers you like. For a very special arrangement you can add dried lemon or orange paring. Herbs, such as camomile, rosemary, lavender or thyme give your potpourri a special touch, Eucalyptus leaves add an extra effect.

After you know about the mix of your potpourri you need to dry all materials. There are different methods to dry your flowers and herbs. The most common is to gather them together in a bunch and hang them in a well-ventilated area. You also can use your oven or microwave which would dry flowers and herbs much faster.

The next step is to crush the petals lightly. When you use cinnamon sticks or orange peels break them into small pieces or chop finely. Then mix your plant materials together. Take your favourite essential oil and sprinkle the mix gently with it. You can use a flower fragrance, vanilla, ylang ylang, lemon or any oil you like. The best way to add the oil is to use a few drops, stir your potpourri mix, add some more, stir again – continue until you achieved your desired scent.
Tip: When you add orris root to your ingredients it helps the scent stay with the material.

As you can see it is easy to create a bowl of potpourri. You have almost finished and can let the aroma enter your room.
Before you place the mix in a bowl you have to let it set. When you store it in an airtight bag for six to eight weeks the petals, leaves, herbs and other ingredients can absorb the oil to hold the fragrance for several weeks. Make sure to shake the bag every few days to get the fragrance to coat the entire materials well.

After this your self-made potpourri is ready to be displayed. You have lots of options to enjoy the smell and look. Present it in a jar, bowl or basket to decorate your house, hang it in your bathroom or set it on a shelf in a small sachet. It will have a great look and unique scent and can be used all over your house for a beautiful display and refreshing air.
Potpourri also makes a great gift. Give your handmade potpourri to your friends or family if you need a present with a personal touch.

Your potpourri will last 8-12 weeks until it is time to renew it. Try other and new flowers, herbs and oils every time you create a fresh potpourri and write your all varieties down to gather the creative ideas of mixtures you had. It’s fun to experiment, so keep trying till you find your favourite mix for your potpourri.

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