Ideas for a recession proof Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is often regarded as a day to spoil your loved ones with roses, chocolates, dinner and wine. However, the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is meant to be delivered in the thought involved in the day not in the price of the gifts themselves.

With everyone looking after their pennies these days I thought I would give a few tips on how to have a recession proof Valentine’s Day.  There are a number of gifts or ideas that can ensure you have a great Valentine’s Day without blowing the bank.

The first idea is to decorate your house by creating an atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.  This gets you and your partner in the mood for Valentine’s Day.  If you set the scene, everything should fall into place.

Write a card this year instead of giving a gift. The card is usually attached to the present but this year spend more time on writing the card and forget about the gift. This may seem as a dangerous move but if you spend the correct amount of time writing the card you, the gift will never matter.

Perhaps as a gift make a collage of your favourite pictures together.

Cook your partners favourite food, this will guarantee satisfaction as it will prove you listen to your partner and will show that you’re a  putting in lots of effort this Valentine’s Day. Additionally to cooking dinner, you can make cookies/cupcakes etc. for desert. This will also go down a treat.

Rent a romantic movie and enjoy with a bottle of wine. This is a cheap and effective option.

The ideas are limitless. It’s “the thought that counts” not the price of the gift.

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