International Mother’s Day Sunday 8th May 2011.

Its officially summer time and International Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

It was just one month ago we celebrated Mother’s Day here in Ireland, however international Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday) is celebrated in many countries across the world this Sunday. It is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May and countries that celebrate this Mothering Sunday include USA, Brazil, Japan, India, Canada, China, New Zealand, Jamaica, Taiwan and a large number of European countries, all making it the most widely celebrated date for Mother’s Day. The number of countries involved and their varied geographical locations led to its common name of “International Mother’s Day.”

Mothers across the world love receiving flowers, so why not surprise your mum this Sunday with a simple arrangement or even a complex bouquet. Your mum will no doubt be ecstatic when she receives the flowers.

In relation to International Mother’s Day I compiled a list of what I believe to be the best Mother’s Day flowers:

Lilies– Lilies come in a wide variety of colours leading you to create personalised Mother’s Day lily bouquets according to your Mothers favourite colour/colours. Lilies are always beautiful and make an amazing Mother’s Day gift.

Roses– Roses show the love and affection you have for the recipient. Mother’s Day is always associated with roses as they are such a popular flower. Light pink roses have a meaning of appreciation while peach shows gratitude.

Tulip– The tulip is a popular summer flower and is an affordable and beautiful option. We have tulip bouquets with pink, purple and red tulips. Tulips are associated with The Netherlands as they have fields full of tulips that stretch for what seems forever.

Orchid– The Orchid is a long-lasting flower that always looks beautiful. Orchids we offer come in a range of colours and are available at affordable prices. Orchids are often associated with their beautiful fragrances and are studied by perfume companies across the world for this very reason.

Freesia- Freesia’s are long lasting flowers that also have a beautiful aroma. These characteristics make freesia’s a popular choice for Mother’s Day bouquets.

Surprise your Mother on International Mother’s Day this Sunday May 8th and she will be the happiest mum in the country.

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