It’s all Roses for Daithi

It’s all Roses for Daithi

New ‘Rose of Tralee’ host Dáithí O’Sé has said that he is really looking forward to gracing the stage at The Dome in Kerry.

It seems that Daithi is looking forward to a huge boost in his career at the Rose of Tralee . Speaking at a Rose of Tralee photocall, he said of presenting the show: “It’s huge I suppose really.”

“I kind of looked at it in the light of who presented it before me, people like Ray D’Arcy, Ryan Tubridy, Gay Byrne, Marty Whelan, Derek Davis etc… I’m after being thrown into the same pool as them… so it’s huge.”

Being a Kerryman, most would say that taking on the job is bigger for him than for most who have gone before him, he said: “It was only when I went home to Kerry that I realised, it means so much to the people of Kerry.” “It’s like Kerry playing an All-Ireland down in Tralee or something, to be on home territory.” Referring to this year’s Roses, he said: “I think they were excited to meet the host. They thought it was Ray D’Arcy who was still presenting it and when they found out it was me they were kind of disappointed.” “I thought he was a fantastic host of the Rose of Tralee and I was kind of shocked when he hung up his tuxedo.”

Speaking about the live shows, he said: “This is an entertainment show and I’m going out and having the craic and that’s it.” “You can make it as big as you want in your head. Say the Rose of Tralee, you could think that it’s the second biggest show in the whole country, you could think that there will be a load of cameras, you could think that there’s 2000 people inside in The Dome, but you’d drive yourself mad. It’s a conversation with a lovely looking lady on stage, having the craic.”

When asked if he would be nervous, O’Sé said: “I’ll definitely be nervous, yeah, but I think nerves are a good thing as well because nerves can keep you awake and keep you alert.” He also said that he hoped the Roses would be able to understand his accent, joking: “Obviously since I’ve moved to RTÉ now I’ve lost my big thick Kerry accent and I’m speaking very posh!”  Source:

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