Man sues florist when wife discovers affair from flowers receipt

Man sues florist when wife discovers affair from flowers receipt

HOUSTON — A Texas man is suing a florist after an employee there faxed a receipt to his estranged wife that showed he sent flowers and a love note to his girlfriend.

The lawsuit, field this week in Houston, asks to pay for Leroy Greer’s mental anguish and the increased amount he now expects to pay in his divorce case. Greer’s lawyers are asking the florist for $1 million, saying the once-amicable divorce could cost as much as an additional $300,000.

In April, Greer sent his girlfriend flowers, a stuffed animal and a card that read: “Just wanted to say that I love you and you mean the world to me! Leroy.” The company promised Greer that it would send nothing to his home, according to the lawsuit.

But later sent a coupon and a thank-you card to Greer’s home. His wife saw the card, called the company and asked for a receipt, according to the lawsuit. The florist faxed the receipt to his wife, and it showed Greer spent $100 and detailed the message on the card.

Included in a lawsuit is a copy of the receipt, along with a handwritten note on the bottom of the page written by Greer’s wife. She faxed the receipt with her note to her husband at work. The note reads: “Be a man! If you got caught red handed then don’t still lie.”

Greer said the florist should not have sent his wife information about the love letter.

“The thank-you note was fine,” he said. “It was sending all that information to my wife that’s the problem.”

Greer’s wife and her lawyer declined to comment.

Steven Jarmon, a spokesman for the florist, declined to discuss details about the lawsuit.

“We take all matters relating to our customers seriously,” Jarmon said. “However, we are not responsible for an individual’s personal conduct.”

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