Mother’s Day – A Cause to Say I Love You

Not even two more weeks and then a very important person is in the middle of our all’s attention – our beloved mothers. On Sunday the 3rd April a woman we brought that much joy, trouble, pride, worries but in the end millions of lovely times gets honoured for all she has done for us and for everything we love her that much for.

Across more than 46 countries the festival of Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates a year and people all over the world use this day to honour and thank their mothers for raising them and being a supporter in every bad and good situations in their lives.

History of Mother’s Day

The tradition of Mother’s Day goes back to an annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to Rhea, the mother of many deities in Greek’s mythology. Also the ancient Romans made offerings to Cybele, their Great Mothers of Gods. The Christians used to celebrate this festival on the fourth Sunday in Lent in honour of Mary, mother of Christ. In Ireland Mothering Sunday used to be a medieval practice for children from poor families which were sent to work with the rich. When these children got a day off in the middle of the Lent they could visit their “Mother Church” and worship Virgin Mary. They went to their home towns to visit their moms and presented her with flowers they picked along the way. Girls surprised their moms with baking a special cake on that day.

After the Industrial Revolution patterns of living changed and Mothering Sunday sank into oblivion. Just after World War II through American and European influence the Mother’s Day tradition was revived and the charm of this event was spread widely. In Ireland and the UK Mother’s Day is still celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Mother’s Day Celebration in Ireland

In honour of their mothers people present flowers and cards to express their love and gratitude. It is typical to take mothers out for dinner and lunches and surprise them with breakfast in bed. Throughout the country this day is celebrated with great pomp and jubilations. A lot of different shows, programmes, games or skits are organised in different places such as restaurants, theatres or cinemas.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

One thing mothers do even more appreciate is the chance to take a break on this day from all their responsibilities. What makes her happy is to put an extra bit of effort and thought in that pleasure their children afford to them. So overwhelm her with something unexpected. A special idea would a nice family picture, a collage of you with all family members in a nice hand-crafted frame. There a lot of indoor and outdoor games the whole family can play together to spend a great time with each other. Surprise your mom with a big meal cooked by you and the rest of the family or a tea party with tasty cakes and her favourite tea while sitting together with all family members will also make her day.

Mothers Day is getting more and more important in Ireland for moms whose sons and daughters left the country and went overseas for work or study. Those probably cannot visit their mothers on that special day. So a lovely created bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolate and a card sent will make her day and are great ideas to express love and gratitude.

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So in Ireland Mothers Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm from people who reflect the importance of their mother in their life. As an Irish Proverb says A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.

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