Mother’s Day competition with Flowers Made Easy

Mother’s Day competition with Flowers Made Easy

This year we have gone bigger and better than ever before for Mothers Day. We are offering you the chance to win the most amazing prize we have ever had on offer. Don’t miss out.

Enter to be in with a chance of winning our Mother’s Day competition with our amazing prize of:  A Deluxe Mother’s Day Bouquet, bottle of wine and box of delicious chocolates, AND a mini-break at BrookLodge Hotel and Wells Spa, AA Hotel of the Year 2009 and Georgina Campbell’s Hotel of the Year 2010.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, that special day where you let your mum know just how much she means to you. Mothers across the world do so much for their children as often get so little in return. So be sure to enter this competition to give your mum a memorable Mother”s Day.

To win simply follow three simple steps:

1) Like our Facebook page

2) Like BrookLodge Hotels Facebook page

3) Write a Mother’s Day note to your Mum telling her how much you love her as a comment at the bottom of this post below or if your feeling adventurous why not leave her a video message over on our new www.FlowersMadeEasy.TV site.

All entrants will be entered into our draw and the winner will be announced on Saturday 2nd April.

The Perfect Prize-

Our amazing prize consists of  the following:

Flowers Chocolates & Sparkling Wine

  • Deluxe Mother’s Day Bouquet by Flowers Made Easy, Delivered with a Bottle of Sparkling wine & Box of delicious chocolates


A Mini break at BrookLodge Hotel and Wells Spa,

  • One Night Bed & Full Organic Breakfast for two people
  • Dinner for 2 in La Taverna Armento

Time to figure out who loves their mum the most!

Please feel free to email this competition to as many people as you like!

Mother's Day Flowers Ireland

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  1. Karren Murphy at 10:19 am

    Mam, you’ve been my best friend, supporter and mother over the years.

    I wouldn’t have got through having my first baby and the post natal depression that followed without all your advice and support.

    You’re an inspriation as a woman and mother. I only hope I can emulate your mothering with half as much grace and humour.

    Lots of Love,

  2. Michelle at 10:52 am

    My mother’s a teacher,
    A driver, a cleaner
    A chef and a poet
    Though she may not know it
    She’s everything a mum should be
    And I got her, so lucky me!
    On Mother’s Day I say thanks for my lot
    I know the best is what I’ve got! 🙂

  3. Mary Catherine Murphy at 11:50 am

    I Love My Mum She Is The Best Mum In The World. She Is Not Just My Mum But A Wonderful Friend Too. My Mum Is Always There For Me In Tough Times And Good Times. I Can Go To My Mum With Anything And She Is One In A Million. I would Love To Win This Fabulous Prize To let her Know Just How Much She Means To Me. My Mum Thinks Of Everyone Before She Thinks Of Herself. Please Hope You Consider My Mum For This Fabulous Prize

  4. petra muller at 1:32 pm

    No matter what life throws up,
    through good times and through bad,
    However many frogs I kiss,
    the Prince will make her glad…
    Even if the darkest clouds should hover up above
    A beaming smile from her surrounds me with a Mother’s love

  5. Debbie Browne at 4:28 pm

    My Mam has been a friend, confidante, advisor, nurse and so many other wonderful things to me over the years. Our relationship has grown and we are closer as each year goes by. Even though she has been so busy caring for family members she always fits in time for me & my sister always putting her own needs last. Both me & my sister would truely love if our Mam won this prize as there is no other person I know that deserves or needs a wonderful break as much as she does.

  6. Neasa Hogan at 5:41 pm

    Dear Mother-in-Law,
    Moving back to Ireland was a huge decision for us, you welcomed the four of us into your home and have made me feel like having two extra adults and two full-on girls in the house has brought only joy – not more washing, more cleaning, more bills. You really are one in a million and I’m very, very lucky to have you as my Mother-in-Law and friend, Love Neasa

  7. Cathal at 12:19 am

    Dear Mam,
    I want to write you this note to tell you that you are the best mam of all, its been a hard few years for you with you getting really sick and your best friend died this year and your little sister is extremely sick, i want you to always remember i love you and you are the best mother of all, you all ways look after us and I wouldn’t be able to survive without u, even when you were sick in hospital you always made sure we were looked after. you are really one in a million and the best mam on earth. lots of love Cathal, Daire and Eoin

    we would realy like for our mam to win this because it has been realy hard for her the last few years and she is just recoverd from cancer so we think it would be good for her to get a break and her litle sister(our) aunty is dieing from cancer.

  8. Niamh Doyle at 6:03 pm

    Hi Mam, it’s not everybody who can open their homes and their hearts to raise other people’s children but you did and for that I will always be eternally grateful. For that, and for the chicken soup recipe – it never fails.

  9. gill shannon at 10:58 pm

    mam, for all the free dinners and babysitting your a winner, for all your help i got my masters and gave me and my son a better future,
    for your actions have spoke louder than any words.united we stand together we can. Thank You

  10. Rainey at 3:14 pm

    My mum has been a devoted wife of 42 years, loving Mum to 7 kids and doting granny to 10. She is such a giving humble person and she never asks for anything in return. My parents never take holidays as they are so busy with extended family visiting all the time. This would mean the world to them. She is the glue that binds our family together.

  11. Mol at 11:31 pm

    Because my Mum is a real Irish Mammy. It’s great to know I can always pick up the phone any time of day to confide in here. Life was never easy for her. But she always makes the best of everything and always with a smile on her face. She lights up a room when she enters it and she lights up all our lives. I would love to tell her she won this prize. She maybe 63 but she still giggles like a schoolgirl and we love her very much.

  12. Lauren reilly at 12:33 pm

    ‘a mother’s love for her child is like
    nothing else in the world. It knows no
    law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes
    down remorselessly all that stands in its path.’
    ~ Agatha Christie

    My mother is my bridge always there to help my cross any obstical, always there to help me if it ever gets to much and I feel like I’m drowning. And even tho I might not always need to use my bridge – I know it’s there! It’s strong enough to stand the test of time and beautiful when captured at the right moment! I love my mam and even tho sometimes we don’t see eye to eye she is mine and I live her x

  13. LJ Keegan at 2:15 pm

    I just want to tell you mam your the best, your always there for me for anything I need or want I know I can always depend on you for anything and I just want to say thanks. Lots of love Your loving son LJ

  14. Davdub at 4:31 pm

    Mam, any present I could give you doesn’t express how grateful I am to you and your work with us over the years. I know I caused you headache after headache but you took it on the chin. You only made issue of my successes. You never forgot a birthday or an occassion. You treated me with such respect. You always forgave my wrong doings. My belly was always full and satisfied. I hope I live up to the values that I see and admire in you and that I make you proud because it’s the least you deserve.

    Have a great day Mum!
    Our Number 1!

  15. Vickie Lawlor at 7:29 pm

    Dear Mammy/Mother/Ma,
    I may not always tell you how much I appreciate you.In fact at times it probably looks like I don’t appreciate you at all.I complain about you making stew for dinner and not having my bed dressed when I come home from school but the truth is ,I love you more than life itself and if you weren’t there anymore I think I’d go mad!Love you lots xx

  16. Irene D at 7:39 pm

    Mum, I love you, you are truly the best, thank you very much for having me!!! This little poem by William Blake is for you:

    My mother groaned, my father wept,
    Into the dangerous world I leapt;
    Helpless, naked, piping loud,
    Like a fiend hid in a cloud.

    Struggling in my father’s hands,
    Striving against my swaddling-bands,
    Bound and weary, I thought best
    To sulk upon my mother’s breast

  17. lorraine at 9:49 pm

    Well that got me thinking to what my MOTHER means to me M – For the MANY things she did for me
    O – Organised which she had to be
    T – Time she always has for me
    H – Help she always give to me
    E – Energy for the many kids she had you see.
    R – Right because she always has to be!

  18. sandra gough at 10:23 pm

    Mam! I just want to say Thankyou for supporting me through thick and thin. For always been a listening ear and great sounding block.

    I have been internally blessed to have you as my Mother

    Love you from the bottom of my heart.

    Your loving daughter.

  19. michelle at 11:17 am

    Mam you are simply amazing. I couldnt wish for any better, your constant love is never ending, no matter what i do, we love you xxx

  20. madeline at 5:37 pm

    mam i love you to bits i couldent ask for any other mother as sweet and as kind as always cheer me up when im down and i love you for that and you are the best mother in the whole wide world…and deeply down im my heart you will always be there for me xxxx

  21. martina McKeon at 6:09 pm

    To my mam, my mother, my friend, Just to tell you that you are so very special to me and a very special nanny to my my 2 children. We just wanted this oppertunity to tell you that we love you, and appreciate all you do for us and all you did for me as a child, it has made me the person I am today…..

  22. claire woods at 8:49 pm

    Mum, Thanks for everything you do from the big things to the little things. I may not cuddle and show my love every day like when little but you are still my Mum and I love you so.

  23. shirley evans at 9:47 pm

    Whatever i’ve done whether big or small. You’ve always made me feel 10 feet tall.Whatever i’ve done right or’ve always backed me all along.on this one day i’d like to say,you’re truly loved every way

  24. Julie Davies at 10:00 pm

    Mum, miss you so much, wish I had the chance when you were still alive to tell you more often how much I loved you and always respected your impeccable judgement

  25. Hannah Beadle at 11:36 pm

    Mum You mean so much to me,you are such an amazing woman and I want to thank you for helping me make the person I am today. You have helped me through many hard times and are there for me when ever I need you. I hope I make as good a mum to my kids xx

  26. Linda Revell at 10:01 am

    Thanks Mum for all the help you’ve given me while I’ve been ill for the last year and while Amy (my daughter) has been in hospital for 3 months 70 miles away in Leeds. I couldn’t have managed without you and appreciate all the little things you do xxxxx

  27. Annmarie kinsella at 3:09 pm

    Mum I know we haven’t alway seen eye to eye but in the back of it all you have always been there for me , through the birth of my first boy to any time I needed a shoulder to cry on. Love you

  28. Anne-Marie Thomas at 4:34 pm

    Mum I’m sorry that it has taken me becoming a Mum before I truly appreciated you and all you have done for us.
    Thanks for Everything x x x

  29. Aine Kealy at 4:47 pm


    When i need you i know your always there, theres no problem to big or to small, you support me in my decisions and always see the best in me. I am so lucky to have you and if i can be half the mother you are I’ll be doing a fantastic job. I know i’ve given you a bumpy ride at times but know this, I love you and appreciate all you’ve done you are the best xxxx

  30. natalie holland at 8:47 pm

    Dear mum,
    You have always been such a strong support throughout my life, I always felt that I could rely on you and that, if ever there was a problem, you could make it right. You never fail to amaze me how selfless you are and how dedicated you have always been to make me happy and live comfortably. Thank you so much….love always xoxoxox

  31. Charey Hesel at 1:32 am

    Mum. I wouldn’t be leaving it to Mothers Day anymore to tell you how much I love you and appreciate you, if you were still here. My heart breaks every day seeing my daughter growing up and knowing you never even had the chance to share a minute with her and me. I miss you so much! So instead, I am entering this comp for Pauls Mum because she too is one of every Mother in the land who will be appreciated the most when she’s gone and all that are left are the memories. She’s lovely and, after you, she deserves to be treated 🙂

  32. Diane McGuinness at 11:00 am

    Mum, I’m about to be a grandmother for the 3rd time! I hope you can see us all from above & believe that it was all your love and hard work that shaped the way we are & the happy lives we live now!

  33. Jenny Barker at 12:29 pm

    Mum you are the most helpful person i know always ready to lend a helping hand love you more than words can say to the best mum in the world :0)xx

  34. greig spencer at 4:43 pm

    mum i love you loads, you wrk too hard tho,. i want to win lots of money so you dont have to work and you can just relax at home

    love you

  35. Frankie Light at 5:28 pm

    Mum, you get so much thrown at you and handle everything in a practical fashion and with such good humour. We’d all be totally lost without you – you are our rock and we love you so much!

  36. Justine Powell at 5:50 pm

    Mum you’re like a shining star
    Helping out where ever you are
    The world is a so much better place
    because you are part of the human race
    I love you so much I really do
    And so I’ve penned this ode to you

  37. Linda Hine at 8:32 pm

    Everyone thinks their Mum’s the best, but I know you’re better than the rest, so enjoy your very special day and celebrate in every way!

  38. Sarah Cooper at 10:14 pm

    I’m actually writing this through tears as my mum was in floods of tears today as she is very apprehensive about Mother’s Day as it will be her first without her Mother. I suddenly realised how awful my life would be without my mother. She’s my best friend. The one who has been there for me no matter what. I love her with all my heart not just because she gave me life but because she has always been there for me..

  39. Sue Harrison at 10:35 pm

    I sadly lost my Mum to cancer when I was very young. I will always treasure her memory and appreciate how she taught me to believe in myself and to never give up.
    Tell your Mums that you love them at every opportunity xxx

  40. Carolynn Crabb at 10:43 pm

    Mum – You are the glue that holds our family together: the one that sorts out the boring stuff like passports, appointments, university applications, driving licence, insurance, banking, the one that does the cooking, cleaning washing and ironing most of the time. We love you to bits and probably dont tell you enough, we are lost without you – when you go away the sun doesn’t shine as bright, the day is twice as long and we feel alone until…. you return and make our world feel right, the downs are not so low and the ups are brilliant. We love you to bits and want you to know you are the best Mum In the World! x x

  41. SUSAN HALL at 10:51 pm

    I would like to say say – I’ve not been the best daughter in the world and have caused you lots of pain in the past but I love you and you have always been there for me no matter what decisions I made – right or wrong and have been there in the dead of night and early morning and when ever I have needed you. I hope I will always do the same for my boys and live by your example. I love you x

  42. Angie at 11:28 pm

    No one compares, no better mum you’ll find
    She’s warm hearted, generous, gentle and kind
    For everything you are for just being you
    Without your love in my life what would I do?
    I love you more than anyone
    And I’m proud to have and to call you Mum!

  43. Glen Owen at 8:21 am

    I would love to win a treat for my wife, she is the mother to my four wonderful children and I always end up working on Mother’s Day so I never get the opportuntiy to spoil her or help the kids show her how much she is appreciated! Three years ago she miscarried on Mother’s Day and I know it’s always tinged with sadness for her as a consequence – I would love to enter this on behalf of my children who truly do adore their Mum and would like her to know how special she is to them 🙂

  44. Gemma at 8:24 am

    I love my mum because I know how hard it was for her to bring the three of us up alone as a single mum. She did a great job and now that we are all grown up she is still always there for us and helps me out so much with my own children while my husband and I are at work. She has been on her own for many years and I know how lonely she gets going home to an empty house every night, I would love something to cheer her up 🙂

  45. Claire Jones at 8:28 am

    I love my mum so much because she’s always been there for me and my family. She’s nearly 70 but she still works full time. She looks so young and fashionable and still loves her sports car. I hope she stays youthful forever as I can’t stand the thought of her growing old.

  46. John Mead at 8:41 am

    My mum means the world to me even though she passed away 29 years ago! She loved us, taught us and cherished us! She taught me to be who I am today, a happy person who loves people! She was always there to calm me down and reassure me! MY MUM made me what I am today and would be happy to see! I miss her dearly and love her loads! In my heart forever! xxx

  47. michele at 10:05 am

    Mom I love you with all my heart for being there for me when i needed you and for being a great nan to my kids xx

  48. Richard Jones at 11:17 am

    Hard to say how great she is
    In only a few words
    Fun, kind, and very special
    Sue is really quite superb!

    Always there for both of us
    At any time at all
    If you need some quick advice
    Can just give her a call.

    She always gives without expecting
    Anything in return
    For lessons in being a great Mum
    Could go to Sue to learn.

    She is called our ‘Super Sue’
    A nicer Mum couldn’t hope to meet
    Please help us to surprise her
    With a fantastic pampering treat!

  49. Cassandra at 11:42 am

    My Mum is the most giving, sharing, loving and selfless person I know – she is my best friend and confidant – my rock – my shoulder to cry on…….I love you Mum!!

  50. Natasha at 12:22 pm

    No matter how busy you are, what the problem is or how much of a pain I am you are always there for me.
    Love ya!

  51. sarah allcoat at 2:08 pm

    My dear little mum, You may have got tinier in stature but our love has grown for you all the more. Please always remember how-ever awful and lonely you might wake up feeling, you only need to pick up the phone and we will come and whisk you away on some tiny adventures full of good times. xx

  52. tracey rollings at 2:31 pm

    my mum has always put myself and sister first taught us right form wrong taught us how to not be weak but be strong if i am half the mother that she is to me i know i wont go far wrong

  53. HAZEL RIGAZIO at 5:14 pm

    My mum is amazing.She does lot’s of voluntary work for homeless people and poor families people.Raising funds for clothing,food,bedding.Mum is an angel and i love her all the world and back again up to the stars and down again.lot’s of people love you mum.

  54. Emma Cella at 6:36 pm

    she’s very inspiring and helps me with day to day problems that arise in my life, she gives great advice and is so proud of me and even though we may not get along at times. i know for a fact that she’ll never give up on me ♥!

  55. Tina Cleveland at 7:56 pm

    Mum you are one in a million. You helped me when Holly was born and fed her to help me out with her Acid Reflux and kept me going when I thought I couldn’t go on. You were my rock

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