Mother’s Day Popular Flowers and Colours.

Mother’s Day Popular Flowers and Colours.

Mother’s throughout Ireland put so much effort into their children, teaching them everything they know, bringing them from A to B and making sure they are ok. Mother’s seem to know everything; if you have a question, your mum will surely provide the answer. The incredible quality of a mum is that they ask for so little back in return for their years and years of care and devotion. Mother’s Day is the one day each year where people express their love for this special person who has made them the person they are today.

Mother's Day Florist

Florists busy with Mother’s Day approaching

With Mother’s Day fast approaching our florists are getting busier and busier. Mother’s Day is on Sunday April 3rd this year which can be a difficult day for flower delivery as most florists are closed on Sundays, as we previously mentioned we are open this Sunday to make Mother’s happy across Ireland this Sunday.

We are experiencing the same familiar trends in our Mother’s Day orders with the most popular flowers being spring flowers such as Freesias, Tulips along with Roses. Other popular flowers include Hyacinths and Lilies. We are proud to boast we were the first florist to be stamped with the Fair Flowers Fair Plants Logo, which demonstrates our forward thinking ethical mind-set.  The most common colours for Mother’s Day flowers are whites, creams, purples and pinks. The most common colour ordered by males is pink.

Our usual trend is 50% of orders are placed within a week of Mother’s Day and then on Mother’s Day and the day preceding it we have the other half of orders coming in, creating a manic rush around our headquarters.

Remember to tell your mum you love her, and visit for perfect Mother’s Day bouquets.

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