Mother’s Day Traditions

The honouring of mother’s as a tradition can be traced back, to the Middle Ages in Europe. With most children being sent away to learn a trade or earn a living at a young age, families were apart for long periods of time. In the springtime, Children would return home by walking long distances. On their route home, they would pick spring wildflowers from the side of the road to give to their mothers. After Mothering Sunday, the children would return to their labours and would not visit home again until Christmas time.


On the Sunday of their return the whole family would go to church and present flowers and gifts to the mothers and offerings to the church. This was a day of feasting when all of the restrictions of Lent were put aside for the day.


The tradition of gifts, flowers and festive meals has endured to become what we now know as Mother’s Day. In 2009, with more people leaving Ireland than arriving, children still do the same thing. However with larger distances, costs and limited holidays, children, young and old, go online and order flowers for their Mothers, to honour them on Mother’s Day and let them know that they are thinking of them wherever they might be. With websites like available to people world-wide ordering flowers, chocolates, Teddy Bears and Champagne is made much easier and it allows the children of Ireland express their love as people have done since the middle ages.



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    Hi Eamonn, I just read your article in Silicon Republic (
    I met you at an IIA event in Dun laoghaire. Your case study was very interesting.
    It inspires me when people like you succeed by thinking outside the box and leading traditional business in a different, more effective way.
    I was talking to Philip Macartney from Bebo the other day and brought your example to the table as a real 2.0 approach to business. Well done!!
    Hope to see you again in the future,
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