My Love Story for the Valentines Day Competition

So the pressure has been put back on me to tell my own story…. so here it is…
So how did we meet.. In 1997 I got a job with FM104 working as a promotions guy on “The Car, The Cruise, The Castle”. I had a small Fiat Uno which I used to drive around the city to major junctions and hand out  car stickers(remember those things!) So on Day 1 The Uno died a death in Donnybrook, the clutch decided to drop into the gear box which nearly killed the car completely.
Anyway I met a lovely girl called Anna whilst working there. We used to have long smoke breaks and talk about everything and anything. When the promotion was over, we didn’t keep in touch but I kept her number on my Motorola Brick phone.
Some months later I bumped into her in UCD where she was working on the Road Hog for FM104. I walked straight up to her and said “Hi Claire” as confident as I normally was at that time. Silly me, but it was an honest mistake I knew 2 Claire’s and 2 Anna’s and I got flustered! What a numpty!
Fast Forward another Year… Myself and a friend of mine who will remain nameless were sitting in well known pub in Dalkey having a drink to celebrate the launch of his modelling career! We had spent the day shooting his portfolio which was possibly the funniest thing ever. Anna’s friends saw us and commented on the state of us – I had Peroxide Blonde Curly hair and a Full Arm Cast (I had broken my arm a month previously, whilst getting 3 ft of air off a speed ramp on my way into one of my final exams.)So I approached Anna and we arranged to meet up the following week.
Unfortunately, I had to cancel our arranged meet at the Counting Crows concert due to a death in the family… but I still had Anna’s number so I called her and arranged to meet.
The following week, we met up in Dalkey and went for a few drinks. We ended up getting a 6 pack of Bulmer’s and we headed up to Sorrento Park and we watched the Sun Rise over Dalkey Island from the bench in the park. 7 years on… I asked Anna to marry me  in Sorrento in Italy and exactly 12 months later Anna made an honest man of me.
Ironically, this morning you would have seen us both back where we started handing out flyers for on streets and junctions around the city! It’s come full circle
The rest is history.
Now that wasn’t too difficult was it?
Valentines Day Competition


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