New Year Promises to my Blog

With a New Year upon us I have decided to take a more open approach to this blog. To be honest for the last 12 months or so I have been struggling with how open I should go but I think it is time to break down the barriers and say more about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

There are lots of interested readers reading every week so I think it is a good time to bring it to the table and start really talking from the chest.

 So my top 10 things I want to do this year are:

 1. Continue to grow , and our other sites.

2. Post to my blog 4 times a week minimum about interesting flower related topics, and inturn get flower lovers not just business lovers interested in this blog. I admit – it’s been too press releasesy.

3. We love doing wedding flowers so we want to get at least 100 wedding flower gigs this year.

4. Double our online hits on and increase our blog hits by 400%

5. I will Twitter and Facebook daily

6. Get into Video Blogging really soon (just need to replace my video camera that was nicked)

7. Find a place to set up a Simple Life/River Cottage/Jamie at Home existance. – Yes this is the personal dream which I am currently working towards. I really want to create a “Pure” existance working the land to the table and I think flowers could be in there too. I know those of you who know me will probably be on the floor laughing at the moment but seriously… I think we need to get back to reality in all walks of life from banking to general sales. You need to walk before you can run and greed is not a nice quality to have. Slow down people… Grow your business when your business is ready to grow, not when someone gives you money to grow your business before it’s ready.

8.  To cut my hair every 3/4 weeks. My wife hates me for not cutting my hair. I never have the time – when really I never make the time, I don’t see it as important but hey relationships are about give and take so, I will cut my hair every 3/4 weeks.

9. Take more time out. I need to make time off. So I have booked a week in New York later in the month. I had 5 days off last year which was for my wedding and my 3 day honeymoon in wicklow so this year I am going to take weekends off and holidays.

10. Go Surfing, I want to learn to surf properly on the west coast of Ireland. Anyone interested in heading down every Tuesday – Let me know.  I also will be taking up Kite Surfing, a sport which I can manage to make time for. Anyone interested?

 So Let’s check back in 12 months and see how we go.

There are actually 2 other plans on the list but there are certain secrets I must keep but I promise, when I can tell, I will tell you before anyone else!

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