One huge Wall

One huge Wall

Since 2008, when we moved in out Flowers HQ in Sandyford Industrial Estate in Dublin, we have had a wall in our warehouse that we have thought long and hard about doing something interesting with, but to this day, we haven’t actually done anything with.

So the ideas we had so far:

1. Paint it white
Simple, but boring and pointless. It’s a no descript pale cream/magnolia at the moment so painting it white will brighten up the place a little but nothing overly significant or memorable.

2. Pallet Vintage Warehouse Chic
It’s all the rage, Avoca, Munchies, Fallon & Byrne and many other business who we respect and rub shoulders with have a touch of vintage warehouse chic. So we thought we might attach pallets to the wall and paint them with a brushed whitewash finish. If we were to do this it would certainly have a really cool effect on any customers coming through the door.

3. Massive Logo
We are all about massive logos at flowers made easy. When we had our first Van’s signed, the brief simple said,

our logo, as big as you can make it

So how cool would it be to have a massive Flowers Made Easy logo running the length of the wall?

4. Graffiti Wall
We have always thought it would be pretty cool to have a graffiti wall and open it up to graffiti artists, students or a youth centre to come and define the wall for us in any way they see fit.
Our only problem here is how do we make this happen? If you know anyone who can make this happen, let us know.

5. Floral Mural
Probably the most apt for Mothers Day. We had plans early on of painting a massive flower wall.

So we want your thought and ideas and to what we should do.

We also want ideas as who might be interested in getting involved.

Drop a comment below and help us out.

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