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Street Smart Barnardos Charity

What’s it all about?

The StreetSmart program offers hassle free collecting in a relaxed environment where restaurant goers are given the opportunity to add just €2 to their bill at the end of the meal or not. The program runs during the months of November and December. The sponsors cover all administrative costs therefore every penny raised through a StreetSmart addition to a customer’s bill in November and December goes directly towards helping stopping Irish kids become the future homeless. Last year in London 253 restaurants took part raising Stg £500k.

 What’s it doing?

StreetSmart Dublin is raising funds for Barnardos Children’s Charity. The charity is part of a preventative initiative to support vulnerable children in their early years focusing on healthy development and keeping them in school. In Ireland 111,000 children are deemed to be living in consistent poverty which means they are lacking the essentials – one substantial meal a day or a warm home.

How can I help?

The next time you’re in a restaurant and you don’t see the StreetSmart table card on your table ask the waiter can you speak to the big boss man (or women) and say ‘Hey why isn’t this restaurant participating in helping the forgotten kids of Ireland have a better chance in life helped by Barnardo’s? I’d be happy to have €2 added to my food bill to help this cause’, and if he (or she) says ‘I didn’t know about it, but it sounds deadly!’, you say ‘Just check out the website and sign up, now what are your specials’.While your reading this text SMART to 57033 donate €2 a month..If you do this simple task, you’ll be part of the fix and part of the StreetSmart team – Helping kids help themselves.

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