Recent Photos from Flowers Made Easy HQ

Recent Photos from Flowers Made Easy HQ

We thought you might like to see some of what we have been doing….

 We take birthdays very seriously and our in house Legend Eileen, doesn’t miss a trick. This is a photo of Paulo on his second day in work celebrating his birthday.

Paulo's Birthday

This one is of Tomas in February with a more low key affair. Nothing personal Thomas, but you could pick a better day to be born on. The 11th of February is very busy for obvious reasons…

Tomas's Birthday

Roses Roses and More Roses –

 Ever wondered what 10,000 Red Roses look like, we couldn’t take them all into one shot but here is an idea of what we were dealing with for Valentines Day!

Red Roses, Valentines Day

We Love Mini’s!

Check out how we managed to get some of your deliveries out on Valentines Day!

Mini Cooper Roses 

We had to take the roof down to load them in safely!

 Mini Red Roses

More to Follow next week!

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