Red Roses Red Roses, Red Roses, Red Roses

Red Roses Red Roses, Red Roses, Red Roses

Welcome to the brain of a Flowers Made Easy staff member. It’s all about to kick off in a big way for us this week with Valentine’s Day (Sunday, February 14th, 2010) only 7 days away.

So what will happen in the next seven days?

Job 1: Greenery –

We received delivery of what looks like a pallet full of Greenery last night, so Monday and Tuesday will be spent preparing all the greenery for the 12 Red Roses bouquets ordered for Valentines Day. Will it be fresh? Absolutely. It either comes from Irish Growers or in Vacum packs from our suppliers in Holland.

Job 2:  Sleeves, Ribbons and Bows:

Thankfully we have most of this done already. The perfect job to fill those quite moments in the snow in January!

Job 3: Order the Roses:

We placed our first order on Friday for Roses that won’t be cut until tomorrow and delivered to us on Wednesday and Thursday. Then it’s into the cold room for them where they will be recut, stripped, prepared, individually checked and placed ready for our florists to work their magic on them!

Job 4: Phones on the ready:

We are ready and waiting for your call. With our customer service team ramped up by 500% this week we hope to be able to handle all your orders queries and questions as fast as possible.

The Website:

We are working franctically on a whole new website so hopefully we will be be able to get it up and running before the order volumes go through the roof.

PR / Publicity / Marketing

This kicks in full steam ahead on Monday morning. With our Press Releases going out first thing, followed by (hopefully) radio interviews and phone interviews with the press in the run up to the big day..

It’s 2.30am so time for a few hours sleep to prepare for what will be a hectic week.

Stay Tuned for more updates…

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