The Google Story

By David A Vise

I am currently in Australia doing some Research for our next big plan.

I have just finished reading the Google Story which to start with is fairly boring. I had nearly given up on it altogether but decided to give it one more go and I am glad I did. Why? Because there are definitely things we can all learn from Google and how in less than a decade, came from a uni lab to being the most important online business in the world today.

1. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to be successful.
2. Just because other people think your wrong doesn’t mean your not right.
3. A business can be multifaceted and not simply one entity dealing with one market place.
4. The next big player is a small player.
5. Every business should have a motto that it never breaks “Do no Evil” is Google’s. Our’s is “Do things right” which we do every time.
6. Revenue doesn’t haven to be from traditional streams even from traditional marketplaces.
7. Growing your turnover and profits is not enough. You should always be thinking outside the box, both in terms of business growth, sustainability and corporate and environmental responsibility.
8. Your User is the most important link in the chain. It’s all about them and their experience and interaction with your business.
9. Mother’s always want the best for their kids – Brinn’s mother wanted him to go back to college, finish his thesis and complete his PHD. At the time he was worth in excess of $10 Billion. 

So what next?
Another book probably. I will probably add a rambling or 2 on the flower side of things as well so stay tuned.

Stay tuned for another observation from down under.

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