The Lily and the Daisy.

This year, once again, roses were  the most popular Valentine’s Day flower. The red rose was,as always, the most popular rose and accounted for 75% of all our Valentine’s Day flowers. With Valentine’s Day over I thought I should talk briefly about two other beautiful flowers.

I shall start with the Lilium, or Lily as it is more commonly known. The Washington Lily, Madonna Lily and the Easter Lily are arguably the most popular varieties of Lily and are found in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Another Reason I mention the Lily is that it is now time to plant Lilies. Planting time usually ranges from February until May or June. A beautiful fact about Oriental Lilies is that they release a soft exotic perfume and they make for an amazing cut flower for this reason. The Lily is culturally important and found in literature in many areas of the world. The colour of the Lily is one of its most important attributes. The Cala Lily stands for beauty, the white for purity, the Orange for hatred and the Tiger Lily for wealth and pride. were the first Florist in Ireland to be accredited with the “Fair Flower Fair Plants (FFP)” trademark. FFP is a young but established initiative to stimulate the production and trade of flowers and plants cultivated in a sustainable manner: flowers and plants cultivated in a way that respects people and the environment. You can view of wide selection of Lily’s here.

The next flower I would like to describe is the Daisy, the Gerbera Daisy to be more specific. This beautiful flower stems from the Sunflower family as can be seen when looking at the face of the Gerbera. It is more commonly known as the African Daisy, Transvaal Daisy or Barberton Daisy. The Gerbera Daisy is the fifth most popular plant in the world at the moment. It is attractive to birds and butterflies and an interesting fact about the Gerbera Daisy is that it is resistant to Deer. It symbolises Innocence, loyal love, purity and gentleness all adding to its popularity. You can see our wide variety of Daisy’s here.

I hope you keep these two amazing flowers in mind when considering which flowers to buy.

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