Valentine’s Day around the world

Do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way this year? Have a look how other countries around the world celebrate the day of love. Some traditions are similar to us, such as in Germany, Spain, the United States or Austria; others have unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Italy keeps a very nice tradition. On 14th February couples attach padlocks with their engraved initials on bridge railings. Afterwards they throw the key into the water and wish for something.

In Denmark lovers and persons who are close exchange snowdrops, chocolate, riddles and poems. The love messages are delivered anonymously or with a coded dot signature. The recipient then has to guess who sent the surprise and gets a reward for the right answer.

In Finland it is more a “friend’s day” and is rather directed to friendship than lovers.

In Brazil the Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 12th June as Day of Lovers (Dia dos Namorados) It is the day before St. Anthony’s day and is celebrated with carnivals, galas and parades. Many couples marry on this day because the  legend says that heaven smiles upon weddings on this day.

In Japan men are in the focus. Women give chocolate to their husbands, bosses and male colleagues. This may be an expensive day for them because every colleague has to get a little surprise. In return they get white chocolate at the “white day” one month later.

Maybe you can borrow an idea from other countries this year to surprise your loved one!

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  2. Enormous at 1:39 pm

    Such a nice positive post, Eamonn! I feel sorry for the poor Japanese ladies though and I really think giving them white choc a month later is really rubbing it in. Yech! I also understand from a friend who lived there that in Japan Christmas Day (insofar as it is celebrated at all) is more like Valentine’s Day with a real focus on couples. Maybe you should consider expanding eastwards 🙂

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