Valentines Day Flowers Made Easy

2008 is a year where Irish men are splashing out on their loved ones!

Legend has it that Valentine’s Day originated to commemorate the anniversary of the death of St. Valentine, a Roman Clergyman who was executed on February the 14 for secretly marrying couples in defiance of the emperor, in 270 A.D. Others say it was originally a Roman fertility festival.

Nowadays it’s big business for florists, chocolate, wine and card companies. It is estimated that well over 200 million roses will be sold around the world next week to mark St Valentines Day. With over 600 florists in Ireland selling an average of 1,000 Red Roses each in Ireland and including the volume that the large multiples will sell, we expect the Irish Market to account for in excess of 2 million roses.

Eamonn Grant Director of Flowers Made Easy, says “These days it’s much easier for Irish men to get flowers. You have access to them everywhere you go but more and more people seem to be ordering online because of convenience and the lack of time we all seem to have. People want to make a romantic gesture and the best way to do that is ordering same day delivery flowers online. “.

With what is expected to be the busiest week of the year for the website, some of the statistics and trends that are emerging are quiet interesting. Overall 51% of our customers are men, which is a good sign that the Irish male has emerged as a thoughtful romantic creature. 96% of orders for Valentines Day are for women which is not all that surprising, but there are 4% of men receiving flowers which is good to see. 65% of customers are ordering chocolates with their flowers and 72% of customers want their flowers delivered to an office building, so we are expecting to see loads of embarrassed but excited faces on the 14th.

 Flowers Made Easy are expecting to complete hundreds of orders through the website in the coming days with the vast majority of them will be placed on the 12th and 13th of February. With the average Valentines Day spend of €100 on the Flowers Made Easy website, Irish men could certainly be described as romantics. Eamonn says “Most customers are choosing 12 of our finest Dutch grown, long stem ‘Grand Prix’ Red Roses and a box of Butlers Irish Handmade Chocolates which will cost you €100 Euro delivered anywhere in the country on the same day”.

All of our roses are being cut by our dutch growers this weekend which means that the product you will get is absolutely first class.

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