Blokes Guide to Valentines Day

Blokes Guide to Valentines Day

So you haven’t a clue what to do when it comes to Valentine’s Day and you need our help to sort this problem out. Well that’s what this is for. All your problems solved.


Buyer Beware –

If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is…. You will find lots of 12 Roses for €9.99, A Dozen Luxury Roses €34.99!  Guys – it’s not possible for ANYONE to do this unless they are cutting corners on quality or sourcing their product in an unusual way. It’s not because they buy in bulk or because the have more control, it’s because they are selling you substandard products. If you want to provide your other half with Fake Gucci go ahead but the idea is to impress and the only way to do this with flowers is part with the cash for the Gucci of Flowers.

Everyone of our roses online are 80cm Long Stem Dutch Grown Grand Prix Red Roses with a growers guarantee. we are selling these from €89 on our website INCLUDING DELIVERY (all our prices include delivery). We have ordered the best roses from the absolute best growers in Holland (aka the world) and they are being handled by the best transport people in the business. The Roses are all coming to us direct from the growers, they are all travelling from Holland in water and they are being stored at a set  5 Degrees Celsius. They will then be handled by us in our state of the art 1,000 sq ft cold-room and then personally delivered to your door. We pay above what we need to pay for roses and we have all of the facilities in place unlike anyone else in the business to ensure the quality is very best so that you get the best. We don’t mean to boast, but when you put the amount of work, effort, sweat and tears into a business like we have and when you have built a state of the art premises to handle big days like Valentines Day we need to tell people so they know what they are getting.

Your recipient ( lover / wife / girlfriend / partner / mistress)  will want the best from you, not the cheap dozen half dead red roses form the local shop. So order the best from the best for Valentines Day here –

A Subtle Hint Goes a long way –  Reminder Service

Us men aren’t the brightest of things. We need help to remember dates, like Valentines Day, February 14th. So you could always set up a reminder on his behalf – with our reminder service You can enter lots of important dates, including your birthday, anniversary and other important dates.

A Single Red Rose – Rip Off Ireland

Don’t send a single rose it’s silly! We currently don’t have single red roses on our site and for good reason. They are a complete rip off. Most florists out their are charging €30 for 1 flower! We think that is completely crazy. Our bouqets start at €50 and for that extra money you get a much better deal. It’s about value for money not being cheap or being ripped off.

To the Office or to the Home?

Every girl says that she would “Kill You If you Ever” sent flowers to her office. Gent’s it’s simply not true. Ladies love flowers delivered to their offices. It’s the one day of the year where you can express your love in front of her workmates so why not have flowers delivered into her Dublin City Officethis  Friday the 13th of February for Valentines Day. That way she has the rest of the weekend to enjoy them!

Time to Cook for her and here’s how –

Our friends at (formerly are running a super competition and you could be the lucky winner of a night in the Ritz or you could possibly win some of our amazing flowers. The guys have just relaunched their brand (as suggested by the Dragons Den on BBC 2) and they are hoping for huge success with it.  So take a look and see what Niall H is cooking up. Personal recommendation – I cooked our Christmas Dinner for 9 people with their online tutorials and everyone that ate with us is still alive. Seriously though- It’s really easy.

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