Proposals on Valentine’s Day – Watch out boys

Proposals on Valentine’s Day – Watch out boys

It’s a free pass day, just like a leap year and Christmas Day.

Valentine’s Day is one of the few days in the year that if you go by tradition, that a lady can ask a gentleman for his hand in marriage.

It’s a tradition that we have seen a few times here at Flowers Made Easy.

Every year we have men and some women proposing to their loved ones, through the greeting card on our flowers.

It makes us feel very special to this that our customers think so highly of our flowers and our service that they would place the responsibility of such a big lifetime moment with us.

We think it’s better than the Ring in the Dessert trick. It means you can’t swallow it, put it in the wrong dessert and you don’t have to be near by if you order flowers with a vase.

So if you want a to propose and you can’t be there in person. Flowers is the way forward.

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