Valentine’s Day Red Roses – Fact Check

Valentine’s Day Red Roses – Fact Check

So we are in the flower business over 30 years now and every year we see strange goings on around Valentine’s Day when it comes to Valentines Day Red Roses and how they are priced and presented.

We wrote an article about 5 years ago detailing the economics of Valentines Day which caused a big stir in Holland at the time with wholesalers and growers alike, but sometimes there needs to be a little bit of clarity.

So with that in mind and with nobody specific as the focus of this we thought we outline some clear facts for you the consumer about red roses and Valentine’s Day.

Fact 1: Florists stick the price of red roses up 300% on Valentine’s Day and make a fortune.

This is not true for the most part but let me explain in a bit more detail. The price of flowers is determined by supply and demand. There is only so many roses that are red that can be produced for one day in the year on the planet. That’s a simple fact that hasn’t changed in modern history.

Because of that growers put their price up – so would you. Then the Dutch auction prices go up and so does the price of roses from local wholesalers & distributors. All of that means that the local florist pays way more than normal running up to Valentine’s Day for red roses. This is the simple reality of it. So florists do charge more for 12 Red Roses in some cases on Valentine’s Day but they have to.

Fact 2: I can get the same 12 Red Roses in “A German Retailer” for €9.99.

Not true. You can’t get like for like flowers in a German Retailer. You will get about 2 buckets of half decent quality red roses at 60cm roses in your local retailer if you are up early enough, but you will still pay €30-€50 for them. You will of course get roses at €9.99 but they will not be like for like. A 40cm Kenyan small headed rose grown on the side of mount Kenya in an outdoors environment is not like for like with a Dutch grown 70 or 80cm Red Naomi or Gran Prix rose bought from a florist or quality flower retailer. So the problem here lies in how businesses, especially large retailers & particularly of the German variety are advertising products which are misleading to the consumer. “12 Red Roses €9.99″ would be like tonal advertising a Red Ferrari for 19.99” and you finding out it’s actually a miniature one.

Fact 3: Florists massively discounted prices

Was €69.99 now €39.99 save €30.

We are very disappointed to see this in the market this year. It’s beyond silly and will damage a businesses brand an reputation long term which is why we have never done it. The Groupon type deals used to be where this sort of thing used to sit but now some are doing this directly themselves.

So how are they doing it? Simply put they aren’t, they are selling a cheap variety of roses and claiming it to be a high quality high value rose. The photo attached to these sorts of deals also tend to be misleading. You can’t buy high end good quality red roses and sell them at €39.99. It’s an economic impossibility. So don’t get ripped off. So what do you do? How do you ensure you won’t get ripped off?

If you want the top shelf roses be sure to check varieties. at least €60-€80 for this sort of red in a well designed bouquet.

Which Red Roses are top quality?

There are several varieties but the 2 most common top end are:

1. Red Naomi – Dutch Grown, top shelf roses variety available from 60-80cm generally.

2. Gran Prix – the old reliable – velvet feel red rose with a touch of dark red texture through its petals.

What about other flowers for Valentine’s Day?

If you step away from red and step away for roses you can get serious value. If you want to stick with red out look for tulips. They are in season now and are getting to the best part of the year to buy them. You will still pay a red premium but nothing like roses.

We have them for as little as €39.00 which includes Free delivery. For that price you get a super bouquet of 25 tulips presented in our beautifully designed floral branded packaged bag which comes with a handle

To make it easy to manage.

If you want something cheaper again you have a few solid options

1. Order one of our bouquets online for delivery or for Click and Collect

2. Visit our massive flower fridge in Sandyford

3. Visit our flagship florist shop in Foxrock Village

Ordering Flowers for delivery anywhere in Ireland or Dublin is open right up until Valentines Day or until we run out.


Either way we have you covered for Valentines Day Red Roses.

We are Flowers Made Easy, leading florist based in Dublin, Ireland. Interested in sharing and discussing all things flowers online with anyone who will listen. Have a question. Ask away

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