Valentine’s Day Success

This year on Valentine’s Day it certainly seemed that love was in the air.  Everywhere I went yesterday it seemed there were couples out hand in hand going for a walk, dinner or a horse drawn carriage ride. This year, more than the previous two year, I felt there were more couples out enjoying the romantic day.

A friend of mine who works for one of Irelands largest cinemas informed me they were sold out of every romantic film from 5pm until close and that the overflow filled up nearly all the other screens in the cinema, this appeared to be a nationwide trend. We at,, had ordered in more Roses and other Valentine’s Day themed flowers then the previous three years and we still managed to sell out by 10am on Valentine’s Day, although it was still possible to make an oder and call into the office and collect it.

In Paris I heard of a novel Valentine’s Day tradition. More than 1000 couples locked a padlock to the railing of the bridge on the River Seine and threw in the keys together. This, I believed was a tradition solely for Italians but it seems the Valentine’s Day idea is spreading. Perhaps we will be doing the same next year in Ireland along the Liffey, although I do not believe the Liffey has the same romantic appeal as the Tiber or the Seine.

One of the most unique presents I came across was a modern version of the old favourite Mix Tape, where one creates a cassette of their partners’ favourite songs or songs that they have shared together. The modern take on this uses a USB key but it is encased in a cassette.

Another brilliant Valentine’s Day gift I came across was a headphone splitter in the shape of a heart. This would be the perfect gift for a couple about to set sail for their travels.

All in all it seemed like everyone had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. Only 364 more days until next year.

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