Valentine’s Day Blogging competition – Your date experiences

Valentine’s Day Blogging competition – Your date experiences

Stinky, loud, ugly, hair-raising clothes? Embarrassing silence, boring small talk or never-silent chatterbox?  Does this remind you of one of your dates? We all know these kinds of – maybe even blind or fixed-up-by-friends – dates… Are you one of the unlucky ones who has experienced a date that ended up in a disaster you would rather forget? What kind of mistake really turned you off? We want to know everything about your date! Or have you been lucky and met a person who afforded you one of the best days of your life? A romantic, wonderful date with amazing surprises that made your heart melt? Let us participate in this heart-warming event! What was the worst date or best dating experience you’ve ever had? No matter what happened to you, let us know! We want you to post the most hilarious, awful, romantic or heart-rending stories on your blog or website! You can win 12 red roses, tasty chocolate and sparkling wine to share with your loved one!

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1. Post about your best or worst dates on your Blog, Website or Twitter

2. Create a LINK BACK to our blog (so we know that you have entered)

THE WINNER will be announced on February 11th 2011 to ensure your Valentine’s surprise will reach you on time.

Please tell as many people as you can about this competition. And if you don’t want to blog yourself, please feel free to write a post about the blog competition to see if any of your readers would be interested.

Best of luck to all!

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  1. Flowers Made Easy at 1:09 pm

    My worst date ever was when I was just 19 years old. I asked out a girl on a date about a week prior to the big night and she said yes. I was looking forward to the date as I had not been on many before and the girl was very good looking. I had made a dinner reservation and planned on going for few drinks afterward if all went to plan.

    Somehow the night before the big date was my friend’s birthday which I had totally forgotten about. He would not accept that I did not want to go out with everyone as I wanted to look fresh the next day for my date. I ended up going out with all my friends and it was a long night, needless to say I felt quite sick the next day. I tried to rest all day in order to feel better for the date that evening, but I kept feeling worse and worse. Mixing every drink imaginable is not a good idea! When it was time to collect my date and go for dinner I plucked up the courage to just go ahead with it. We made it to the restaurant and everything was going to plan, however during the main course I was feeling sick again but I was trying to act as if nothing was wrong. I was sipping on the wine and eating my dinner slowly but surely. “Success” I thought….I made it through dinner and it was time to go for few drinks with my date. We went to her favourite pub in town and as soon as we got in the door she suggested we have a shot of Tequila to celebrate our date. I, feeling sick but didn’t want to look like a wimp, accepted the offer. The bar woman brought the shots over to our table, while I was trembling at the knees dreading the worst, and we both took our drinks and downed them. I knew straight away I was in deep trouble as soon as it went down. TOTAL DISASTER!! I made a run for the toilet but only ended up getting sick two steps away from my date and all over another womans jacket. I went straight to the toilet after and was wondering what I could say to my date and the woman who’s jacket I just got sick on. I was not looking forward to leaving the toilet, I wanted to stay in there forever but eventually I left. My date had left and the woman who’s jacket I got sick on was very VERY angry to say the least. I spend the next half hour apologising to the lady in a busy bar, very embarrassing!

    Needless to say my date never spoke to me again and I know she told all her friends about her worst date ever, i.e. me.

    Rob (marketing department)

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  3. Mary Jordan at 11:11 pm

    My Disasterous Date….

    When I was 17, I went on a date with this guy early in the afternoon, and afterwards, his family invited me over for dinner. I was wearing a bright red blouse… and they had a bright red tablecloth.

    Halfway through the meal, I looked down and saw that my blouse was untucked, so I grabbed it and pressed it back into my skirt rather quickly, – Except it was the tablecloth. EVERYTHING on the table went flying into my lap. Several plates and glasses fell on the ground and broke.

    The guy’s father was of course not pleased and my face was even redder than my blouse. I can laugh at it now but back then I was soooo embarrassed….

  4. Pat WArd at 4:46 pm

    My worst ever date was, the embarrassment of not making it cos I was supposed to pick up my date at 7.30 but the car broke down and I was stranded on the side of the road in the lashing rain. (no mobile phones in those days). Had to hitch a lift to the nearest town! But I made it up to my date and she forgave me, we dated for 10 years, are now amrried for 3 and have a beautiful ten month old daughter. So just goes to show you that you can live happy ever after your first date disasters.

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