How to order 12 Red Roses Video

At, believe what makes us unique is how easy we make things for our customers. Our aim is to make your visit to our website enjoyable and simple to navigate through. We decided to show you how fun and simple our website is to use by making a video of the steps involved in how to order 12 Red Roses.

How to Order 12 Red Roses.

We thought we would make things as easy as possible for you with our online video, if for some reason you can't watch the video here it is in a few easy steps.

Go to

First place your mouse over the "occasions" tag and select the "Valentine's Day" option from the drop down menu.

Here you will see a full selection of our Valentine's Day themed flowers. Locate the 12 red roses and select the "Buy Now" option.

Next you will see a description of your item and you will have additional options available such as: Add More Flowers, Bouquet size, Chocolates, add a vase, Teddy bears and Wine or Champagne. When finished select the "Buy Now" button.

Here you will see a full description of your purchase. Please review it to ensure your order is correct. Once again when finished click on the "Checkout" button.

Next you will have three options available:

1. Sign up if you are a new member

2. Continue directly to checkout

3. Log in if you are an existing customer

- We are going to continue directly to checkout.

In this section you will need to fill in your details in the space provided. When finished please click "Continue."

Next you will need to enter the delivery address for the order you are placing. When finished hit "Continue."

The next step is to choose your delivery date. You can also create a message you would like to accompany the flowers, and please provide us with additional information if your house will be difficult to locate. When finished hit "Continue To Checkout."

Here you can enter a promotional or a discount code if you have been provided one. And, Fill in your payment details in the space provided.

Confirm that all details are correct and click "Continue." Here you will see a confirmation of your order.

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