Red Roses

Red Roses for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is is when Red Roses really come into play.

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Red Roses for Valentines Day


Everybody wants to receive 12 (a Dozen) Red Roses from their boyfriend, husband or partner.


Red Roses are the symbol of love. a Rose is the most popular way of expressing your love or admiration on Valentines Day. Every year on Valentine’s Day florists across the globe sell millions of roses in various colour and hues to people who wish to express love to sweethearts andloved ones
History of Valentines Day and Flowers
A representative of love in all forms, the Rose became a popular Valentine’s Day Flower in the 17th century. Popularity of Roses as Valentine’s Day Flowers originates from the belief that Red Roses were the favoritue flowers of the Roman Goddess of Love, and Beauty, Venus and hence it is dubbed as the flower of love and passion.


A single perfect red rose clubbed with Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) flower is called a “signature rose” by the florists and is the most preferred gift for the occasion of Valentine’s Day.


Meaning of Different Colours of Rose
A Rose is a traditional flower given on Valentine’s Day but it conveys the right emotion only when it is gifted in a particular colour! Given below is the meaning of different colors of roses to help you choose the one that gives perfect expression to your feelings.

Red Roses
Red Roses are the most popular Valentines Day Flower. This is because the color red stands for eternal love, passion, courage and respect. Symbolically red Rose conveys romantic love and enduring passion. Lovers often take help of red rose to say, ‘I Love You’. Though at times red roses are also used to convey non-romantic messages such as "Congratulations" and "Job Well Done". However, no other flower equals the popularity of red rose on Valentine’s Day and this explains why their prices rocket in the month of February.

White Roses
Pure White Roses are symbolic of purity, truth, innocence, reverence and silence. Hence these are used to convey "I Miss You" or "You're Heavenly." A popular flower for the festival of Valentines Day, White Rose are also used in weddings and in funerals.

Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses symbolize friendship, celebration, joy, hope, freedom and also jealousy. But on the occasion of Valentine’s Day these are used to convey "Let's Be Friends". So if you plan for an ever-lasting romantic relationship, Yellow Rose may not be an ideal flower for you. Yellow Roses may also be used to say "I Care", "Welcome Back", "Get Well" and "Remember Me" when sending good wishes to newly weds or new mothers.

Pink Roses
Pink Roses are quite popular as Valentine’s Day Flower as these convey the feeling of "Thank You", "You're So Kind" and "I Love You" in a way that can be considered either romantic or friendly. Generally speaking, Pink Roses symbolize admiration, gentleness and sweetness and are associated with friendship and marriage.

Peach Roses
On Valentine’s Day Peach Roses convey a message of desire and excitement. At other times, Peach Rose may be used to express appreciation, gratitude, or sympathy.

Lilac Roses
These depict the sender has fallen in love at first sight with the recipient and is enchanted.

Coral Roses
Coral roses express desire with their passionate color.

Orange Roses
Orange roses communicate enthusiasm and desire of the sender for the recipient.

Dead Roses
Regardless of the original color, dead roses clearly convey "It's Over".

Combination of Roses
Some like to use combination of roses with different colours to convey different emotions. Read on to know the meaning of popular combinations of roses:

Red and Yellow Roses: A bouquet of red and yellow roses conveys a message of happiness and celebrations.

Red and White Roses: A combination of Red and White Roses indicate bonding and harmony. It helps to convey the message of "Together We Stand."

Yellow and Orange Roses: This is used to say, "I'm passionate about you".

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Red Roses for Valentines Day

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