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Choosing those ideal wedding flowers isn’t as easy as it first appears. Most Brides don’t know exactly what flowers they want for their big day, however they have a good idea of what they don’t want which at Flowers Made easy we think is a great place to start the process of choosing the perfect blossoms.

When is a good time to be thinking of flowers?

All the time, when you are flicking through bridal magazines searching for that ideal dress designer or venue don’t forget to also think of your flowers, when you come across a nice arrangement tear it out and keep it in your flowers folder. When its time to choose your flowers these tear outs will be great to have to inspire your perfect bouquet. Once the bride and bridesmaids dresses are confirmed its time to meet with an expert florist from Flowers Made Easy. The style and colour scheme of flowers should be in keeping with the wedding party and in particular reflecting the personality of the bride. Preferably we will want to discuss precise details around six weeks before the wedding.

Flowers Made Easy will advise, inspire and help create the wedding flowers of your dreams! Here are a few tips to help you find the right one for you.

Call Us:

The first step on the road to having the perfect wedding flowers is as simple as calling us. We will go through the different options with you on the phone get an idea of what you are looking for and book a time and date to invite you in to discuss your wedding flowers in detail. All of this will take 10-15 minutes. Call our Bridal Suite on 01 217 6100.

First Visit

You are more than welcome to visit us whenever you want but an appointment is preferable as this ensures that our florist can provide you with the necessary time and attention you deserve. If your appointment has been booked we endeavour to take the information you have already provided us over the phone, and to have a good picture of what suits you best, therefore using your time as productively as possible. Our aim is assist you in deciding on exactly what you want and be confident in us providing it for you. We will ask you for a small deposit at this stage before we go and start ordering your perfect flowers.

What to bring along with you

The more you tell us about your wedding, the better. If possible bring along sketches or pictures of your dress and those of your bridesmaids, as well as your veil, and a snapshot of your hairstyle if you’re having a floral head-dress. It’s a good idea to also take fabric swatches. Also as pointed out above, if you saw some pictures in magazines that you liked but they needed some personal tweaking bring them along too. It is also very important that you know what your


You can advise your specially appointed floral expert and they can assist you and provide suggestions working within your budget. It is difficult for us to provide a price list as it heavily depends on the type of flowers, size of bouquet, decorations etc you choose. If you are on a tight budget, use flowers that will be in season at the time of your wedding. Or keep things simple: a hand-tied posy of roses looks stunning and is less expensive than an elaborate bouquet.

Wedding Portfolio

Our portfolio of work is growing every week. We would be happy to show you examples of what others have done to try and help you decide on what you should do. View our Wedding Portfolio

The Bridal Bouquet:

In earlier times the bride’s bouquet was composed of white flowers to symbolise her purity. Although some brides still choose to have a white bouquet, many choose colours that complement the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the general colour scheme of the wedding.


It is very important, if possible to bring:


A sample of fabric from the bride’s dress to us as it is a great help when matching colours. Even if you have a white wedding dress and want a white bouquet we need to see a sample as whites can vary in their shade and intensity.


There are several classic shapes of bouquets and at Flowers Made Easy we will provide you with a good selection of visual aids to demonstrate what is available and also advise you which flowers match the chosen shape whilst also bearing in mind the colour scheme and seasonal availability.

The choice of your wedding bouquet also depends on the style of your gown. Bouquets can range from the just-picked-from-the-garden look, to the tailored-stylised formal look. It is also important to get a sense of balance between your gown and your bouquet. For example a fresh-picked bouquet from the garden may look out of place with a very formal gown. The bouquet size should also be in proportion to the bride. Too large a bouquet would simply overpower the bride and clutter her elegant dress.

Here is a list of seven of the main shapes to be considered:


Trailing Waterfall:

Here is a list of seven of the main shapes to be considered:
Large, tear-shaped arrangement in which flowers gracefully spill downward

Posy: Round in shape, in a tightly bound cluster of small flowers

Arm Bouquet: Graceful crescent shape designed to be cradled in one arm

Biedermeier Bouquet: Concentric circles of flowers in different flowers

Hand-Tied Bouquet: A simple cluster of long stems, tied with a ribbon

Spray Bouquet: Usually a triangular shaped cluster of flowers

Pomander: Ball of flowers suspended from the wrist by decorative ribbons

Some advice from Flowers Made Easy:

Two of the most popular designs are the “trailing waterfall” shape and the round “posy” of tightly arranged flowers.

The “trailing waterfall” shape draws the eye from top to bottom and can therefore have a slimming effect. However, it can overshadow a petite bride if it’s too big. The cascading shape of bouquet best complements a full-length skirt.

The “posy” bouquet draws attention to the middle of the body. It may not be suitable for brides not wishing to draw attention to their hips and also for very tall brides. The bouquet is held just below waist level. If this is likely to obscure a feature of the dress which the bride particularly wishes to be seen then the “Arm Bouquet” would be recommended.

Preserving the Bouquet

There are several ways of preserving the bouquet as a nice reminder of your very special day.

The bouquet can be dried and kept whole or dismantled and a collage made from the dried, pressed flowers or a replica of the bouquet can be made from silk flowers. Alternatively suitable shoots can be used as cuttings to grow new plants.


Some brides choose to wear floral head-dresses. A well-chosen head-dress can create a spectacular effect. At Flowers Made Easy we will provide advice on matching the head-dress to the dress and the bouquet.

Flowers by their nature are delicate and care must be taken not to disturb them through the day as this can spoil their effect. Additionally, advice should be taken from the florist on choosing flowers that will not wilt, particularly if it likely to be a hot day.

Church Wedding Flowers

The decoration of the church should be discussed at the first meeting to find out what the church’s policy is. Some churches supply their own floral arrangements. It is important that you know if your wedding is the only wedding taking place at your church on your date as sometimes there is not enough time available to change the flowers if there is a wedding prior to yours.

Locations for Wedding Flowers in the Church

  • Pew ends
  • Pulpit
  • Window ledges
  • Columns
  • Altar
  • Steps


Wedding Reception Flowers

Most venues will allow the couple to provide their own wedding flowers and floral decorations for the big day. The venue management should be consulted to arrange a convenient time to set up the displays, which will not inconvenience the catering arrangements.

The wedding flower decorations usually consist of a large display just inside the entrance, which is seen by guests as they enter the reception room and arrangements on each of the tables for guests. The top table occupied by the newlyweds usually has a more ornate wedding flower arrangement.

Large halls and marquees usually provide plain backgrounds and therefore wedding flower arrangements should be spectacular and large to catch the eye.

In Shakespearean times love-besotted grooms pinned nosegays to their doublets. Nosegays were also carried by ladies to press to their nose at highly emotional moments on the day. Later in the Victorian era grooms plucked one perfect blossom from their brides’ bouquets to pin on their lapels, which, with minor variations, is what buttonholes are about.

Buttonholes will match the bride’s bouquet and blend with the dark lapels of the groom’s wedding attire. Usually the groom, best man, ushers and fathers of the bride and groom should wear buttonholes although other important guests such as the grandparents may also wear them.

Corsages are normally larger than a buttonhole and can be made of the same or similar flowers as those in the bride’s bouquet. The mothers of the bride and groom will wear corsages and so may the grandmothers and other important guests. Corsages can also be pinned to the lapel as with a buttonhole or alternatively worn on the wrist or attached to a handbag or purse.


We hope you found our bride’s guide useful. If you have any comments or feel that there is something missing we would really appreciate your comments. We look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you on your special day.
Please see our checklist on the next page, and call us on (01) 217 6100 to order the wedding flowers of your dreams.

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