Happy Valentines Day from the Flowers Made Easy gang

Valentines Day is just around the corner, this year will be a different one for all however here at Flowers Made Easy we want to spread the love and send smiles and excitement into everyone’s world.

Whether you have been together 3 months or 3 decades its no secret that coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day can be stressful , that’s true in normal times but perhaps even more amid the coronavirus pandemic, however there are still plenty of ways to make valentines special.

  1. Take a virtual cooking class
  2. Make a vision board
  3. A weekend getaway in the backyard
  4. Stream a virtual concert
  5. Make chocolate fondue
  6. Watch a comedy show
  7. Cook a romantic meal together

Or best of all watch a valentines movie, make some popcorn, open a bottle of wine whilst snuggling under a blanket in the comfort of your own home.