Where Do I Start?

The basics are really simple…  the style and colour scheme of flowers should be “in keeping” with the wedding party and in particular reflecting the personality of the bride.

To achieve this we work with you to identify what your colour scheme is, we compliment it with flowers that work with your wedding party and more importantly that reflect your own individuality. Easy.

Booking a Florist

One of the big most frequently asked questions is when should you book your florist for your wedding. The big hassle is choosing the right florist who you know will give you what you want and how you want it. Your florist needs to be able to understand you and listen to you requests. Once you find a florist you can work with, hopefully it will be (Flowers Made Easy), and one who will provide you with style, artistry and professionalism, you should book them with a small deposit to secure your date. At that point, there is no harm in leaving it until 4-8 weeks before your wedding to finalise the details of what it is exactly you want and need.

Book a Consultation

What you should be thinking about and when?

You should consider your flowers throughout the whole process of planning your wedding. Although flowers can be closely matched or themed around already chosen elements of your wedding be it your bridesmaid’s dresses or the colour of the carpet in your venue, there is no harm in considering the flowers early on, but don’t stress, you have loads of time to get it right. We have has brides arrive on our doorstep the morning of their wedding so everything will be fine. The best thing to do is to book a consultation with us once you know what colour the bridesmaid’s are wearing, which church your getting married in and what the room likes like in the venue you have choose. At that point in the process you are beginning to fill out the details of what you wedding will be like. You have you basic colour pallet and you know what you’re working with.


We arrange free consultations with all brides to go through all the details of your wedding. The big question is what should you bring?

The simple answer is bring yourself and someone who’s taste you trust, be it the groom, your bridesmaid, mum or sister.

The other thing which is important is to consider what you are looking for from your florist is likes and dislikes. OK so some of you reading this haven’t got a clue what kind of flowers you like, but you probably have a very good idea what you don’t like. That’s a great place to start. What colours don’t you like, what textures don’t you like, what flowers do you not like…. By having these simple ideas in your head when you come in the door, it allows us to steer the consultation onto what you might Like.

If you do see things you like, bring a magazine, a photo, a link to a webpage or whatever you have with you. If you have colours chosen or colours you like, bring along a sample so we can show you flowers that will compliment your chosen colour scheme.

The main thing is to come along and enjoy the day, don’t be worried if you don’t know everything yet or if you are undecided, there is plenty of time to make changes and get things right for your big day.

Book a Consultation

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